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SENTRY Software Update V3.2 Released

Maritime security is a paramount concern and technology continues to play a pivotal role in safeguarding people at sea. SEA.AI is unveiling a new software update for its Sentry product. This update promises to elevate user experience with a range of innovative features aimed at improving detection and usability.

EXOS 2024 – PIXEL sur MER, SEA.AI and ENSTA Bretagne collaborate to prevent collisions at sea.

The stated aim of this alliance of experts in onboard electronics, data management and artificial intelligence is clear: to develop a solution that will automatically detect, identify and avoid obstacles in order to reduce the risk of collisions.

Can SEA.AI Detect a Semi-Submerged Container? Come On Board with our R&D Team

SEA.AI, the product that fills a vital gap in the maritime collision avoidance arsenal (situational awareness to cover surveillance, search and rescue capabilities) alongside radar and AIS.

SEA.AI Teams Up with Latitude Blanche to Enhance Maritime Security in Polar Waters

SEA.AI, has formed a partnership with Latitude Blanche, an expert in polar expeditions, to enhance the artificial intelligence capabilities of their systems in polar environments. This collaborative venture includes a data acquisition campaign conducted aboard the Polarfront vessel, which will traverse polar waters for several months.

SENTRY Software Update V3.0 Released

Exciting new features have been developed in the latest update for the Sentry product: multiple user’s access, new App technology & design, easily switchable panning, etc.

SEA.AI and Adrena Join Forces to Elevate Sailors’ Experience

SEA.AI and Adrena join forces to elevate sailors’ experience with integrated machine vision system in navigational software.

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