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machine vision system detection from inside

SEA.AI Machine Vision in Detecting the Unseen

SEA.AI detects and classifies objects, including those that escape conventional systems such as Radar or AIS. The addition of SEA.AI systems enhance maritime situational awareness, acting as a formidable ally to the capabilities of these established technologies.

SEA.AI Partners Up with Silent Yacht

Silent Yachts is the latest of a growing list of premier brand shipyards to offer their new-build clients the enhanced peace of mind that SEA.AI products provide.

Sentry’s New Native Applications 

The new MacOS and Windows applications provide a user-friendly way to access Sentry, offering a recommended solution for an enhanced user experience with no more browser access needed.

IGY Marinas Promotes SEA.AI’s Maritime Technology

IGY Marinas and SEA.AI have come together to boost awareness of yacht owners and captains about the availability of new high-tech machine vision technology for their vessels. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in maritime safety, introducing a transformative solution to enhance security on the open seas and at anchor.

Sailing Update 7.2​

The latest new software update 7.2 for COMPETITION and OFFSHORE systems is now available. This update brings new features and enhanced AI that will improve your experience with our system. Read on to learn more about what’s coming in this release.

tjv start with collision sytems

Collision Avoidance Systems on the Transat Jacques Vabre

This Sunday (29th October 2023) the Transat Jacques Vabre will set sail from Le Havre in northern France with almost 100 doublehanded racing yachts ranging from giant 32m long Ultim trimarans to Class40s, bound for Martinique in the French Caribbean. 

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