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Providing the Latest in Machine Vision and AI Technology to Vendée Arctique Entries

SEA.AI (formally OSCAR), the AI-powered electronic lookout device, will provide vital added safety for the solo IMOCA skippers competing in the Vendée Arctique.

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Opening Our U.S. Office

Now the company is entering the U.S. market, opening in Miami, FL, with marine industry expert Hernando Giraldo at the helm.

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The Distribution Network Keeps Growing

The Distribution Network Keeps Growing: Agreement with Powertec Wireless Technology Announced at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Expanding the international availability …

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Transforming Boating with Outremer

Transforming boating with Outremer Is there a boat owner that hasn’t dreamed of being assisted by an insightful crew member …

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Expanding the Distribution Network with Radio Holland

Expanding our Distribution Network with Radio Holland Expanding international availability of OSCAR products for the recreational and professional segments of …

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Conducting Series A Financing Round

Conducting Series A Financing Round The pioneer in machine vision and object recognition at sea wins Stephan Schambach and Christoph …

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SEA.AI Sentry detects approaching dinghies, RIBs or inflatables in the vessel’s vicinity – by day and night, at up to 1.6 nautical miles, motorboats and sailboats at up 4 nautical miles. Intelligent alarming alerts crews early and reliably.

SEA.AI Sentry detects collision risks – recognizing even small unsignalled craft and floating objects. Intelligent alarming alerts crews early and reliably.

SEA.AI’s Research and Development (R&D) team embarked from Brest aboard a research vessel to gather additional data for their Machine Vision algorithms and to evaluate the AI in authentic navigation scenarios.

Join Raphael Biancale, Founder and CTO of SEA.AI, aboard one of the newest Baltic 67′ as he introduces you to the capabilities of the SEA.AI system.

Find out what Will Harris, Co-skipper IMOCA Malizia – Seaexplorer, has to say about SEAI.AI Competition collision avoidance system.

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