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Sailing Software Update V7.0

The update features an improved UI with switchable navigation modes, customizable warnings and intelligent alarms, improved object detection and recognition, etc.

SEA.AI appoints new CEO

SEA.AI continues growth path with appointment of new CEO Marcus Warrelmann.

Collision Avoidance System on the Route du Rhum

“To finish first, first you must finish” is an age-old adage in offshore racing. Never before has this been as critical as in this new era of flying racing yachts fitted with many more vital, but also more vulnerable, foils.

Boat Radar Systems: A Modicum of Relief

A collision with a large partially submerged object figures high on the oceanic racer’s list of fears. Never more so than today when we have grown almost blasé about racing along at more than 30 knots…at night.

Collision Avoidance of two boats

Collision Avoidance System to Improve Safety

We were delighted to take part recently in a roundtable discussion with other leading marine industry players titled: ‘Leading Technologies in Yacht Navigation’.

Integration of Garmin in our Boat Camera System

We are pleased to announce the integration of the SEA.AI information and control panel on Garmin MFDs with OneHelm™ functionality.

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