New U.S. Office for Motor Yachts Marine Industry

Now the company is entering the U.S. market, opening in Miami, FL, with marine industry expert Hernando Giraldo at the helm.

As a pioneer in the marine application of machine vision and artificial intelligence, our product range combines advanced camera technology with artificial intelligence in a new class of high-tech safety systems for seagoing motor and sailing vessels. Now the company is entering the U.S. market, opening in Miami, FL, with marine industry expert Hernando Giraldo at the helm.

SEA.AI - smart ai based camera systems for boat
Photo credit: ©SEA.AI

SEA.AI Expands to the U.S. Market with Marine Industry Expert Hernando Giraldo

SEA.AI improve safety at sea, by detecting any object on the surface of the water surrounding the vessel – even small objects that escape radar and do not send AIS signals. This advanced technology is also an essential element in the developing field of Advanced Assistance Systems for boats and ships.

Now the company enters the U.S. market, led by Hernando Giraldo, who brings two decades worth of professional experience in the marine industry, with a focus on advanced communication systems for superyachts. His career path includes positions as Executive Sales Manager at MTN Satellite Communications and Vice President of Sales at Great Circle Systems.

The Americas headquarters of SEA.AI, Inc. is located at 407 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, FL 33139.

motor yacht with boat radar system
Photo credit: ©YachtFilm

Hernando Giraldo is looking forward to spearhead the launch of this new technology in the Americas : “There is a great amount of interest for this technology from all segments of the marine industry – recreational, commercial and government. We will provide the latest situational awareness technology available today and, together with our growing partner network, we will play a role in the development of increasingly powerful and useful Advanced Assistance Systems on boats and ships.”

Managing Partner, Christoph Ballin comments: “The U.S. are by far the largest and most important marine market in the world. It is of highest importance for us to be close to our U.S. customers and to provide great service for them. We are excited about Hernando joining us and taking the lead in building business and relationships with customers in the U.S. and the entire Americas.”

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