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IGY Marinas Spreads the Word on SEA.AI’s Game-Changing Maritime Safety Tech ​

IGY Marinas and SEA.AI have come together to boost awareness of yacht owners and captains about the availability of new high-tech machine vision technology for their vessels. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in maritime safety, introducing a transformative solution to enhance security on the open seas and at anchor.

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Sailing Update 7.2​

The latest new software update 7.2 for COMPETITION and OFFSHORE systems is now available. This update brings new features and enhanced AI that will improve your experience with our system. Read on to learn more about what’s coming in this release.

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Machine Vision to assist competitors’ collision avoidance in the Transat Jacques Vabre

“I’ve been using SEA.AI since the 2020 Vendée Globe and I have it back on my new boat.I remember during my previous Vendee Globe when I was in the Indian Ocean, I came across a barrel of petrol – it wasn’t exactly in my way, but it was detected by SEA.AI even in quite big waves.” sayf Clarisse Crémer, skipper of the IMOCA L’Occitane En Provence.

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SENTRY Software Update V3.2 Released

Maritime security is a paramount concern and technology continues to play a pivotal role in safeguarding people at sea. SEA.AI is unveiling a new software update for its Sentry product. This update promises to elevate user experience with a range of innovative features aimed at improving detection and usability.

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EXOS 2024 – PIXEL sur MER, SEA.AI and ENSTA Bretagne collaborate to prevent collisions at sea.

The stated aim of this alliance of experts in onboard electronics, data management and artificial intelligence is clear: to develop a solution that will automatically detect, identify and avoid obstacles in order to reduce the risk of collisions.

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Can SEA.AI Detect a Semi-Submerged Container? Come On Board with our R&D Team

SEA.AI’s R&D team embarked to gather additional data for their Machine Vision algorithms and to evaluate the AI in authentic navigation scenarios. This crucial step is essential to demonstrate that SEA.AI systems can indeed detect containers and to train the AI for future detections and identifications.

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SEA.AI Sentry detects approaching dinghies, RIBs or inflatables in the vessel’s vicinity – by day and night, at up to 1.6 nautical miles, motorboats and sailboats at up 4 nautical miles. Intelligent alarming alerts crews early and reliably.

SEA.AI Sentry detects collision risks – recognizing even small unsignalled craft and floating objects. Intelligent alarming alerts crews early and reliably.

SEA.AI’s Research and Development (R&D) team embarked from Brest aboard a research vessel to gather additional data for their Machine Vision algorithms and to evaluate the AI in authentic navigation scenarios.

Join Raphael Biancale, Founder and CTO of SEA.AI, aboard one of the newest Baltic 67′ as he introduces you to the capabilities of the SEA.AI system.

Find out what Will Harris, Co-skipper IMOCA Malizia – Seaexplorer, has to say about SEAI.AI Competition collision avoidance system.

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