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SEA.AI Unveils the New Generation Sentry System 

The global leader in 360° maritime machine vision and security continues to lead with innovative upgrades to the first-generation Sentry monitoring platform.

SENTRY Software Update V3.4 Released

The latest new software update 3.4 is now available for the SEA.AI Sentry systems. This update bring new features that will improve your experience and offer TimeZero Compatibility.

SEA.AI Expands its Machine Vision to Third-Party Thermal Cameras

SEA.AI’s Brain pursues the promise of vaster surface vision capabilities for third-party thermal cameras.

SEA.AI on the Transat CIC

This Friday (28th April 2024), the Transat CIC will set sail from Lorient in the Western France to New York in the East Coast of the USA. This race will feature 33 IMOCA of which 20 are equipped with SEA.AI Machine Vision System.

SEA.AI at the Congressional Boating Caucus

SEA.AI demonstrated its machine vision at the Congressional Boating Caucus briefing on April 11, 2024, in Washington, D.C..

machine vision technology on yacht

Baltic Yachts Sets Sail with SEA.AI’s Machine Vision Technology

Baltic Yachts, a Pioneering Shipyard, integrates SEA.AI Machine Vision Technology to its Range of Innovative Options

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