X-Yachts Joins Forces with SEA.AI’s Machine Vision

X-Yachts Shipyard, a renowned yacht builder and SEA.AI team up, to offer enhanced safety and comfort at sea to their customers.

SEA.AI’s Machine Vision Technology Integrated into X-Yachts for Advanced Collision Avoidance and Night Vision

The partnership maximizes the potential of SEA.AI’s cutting-edge machine vision technology to provide a more advanced and intuitive solution for collision avoidance and night vision. With the integration of SEA.AI’s machine vision technology into X-Yachts’ yachts, improving situational awareness will allow sailors to navigate with greater confidence, with no compromise in performance. This smart automatic lookout enables users to detect and respond to potential collisions more quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to the yacht. Furthermore, the integration of night vision capabilities will allow sailors to continue sailing in low-light or nighttime conditions with ease and safety.

Yacht with Machine Vision integrated
Photo credit: ©X-Yachts

SEA.AI’s machine vision and artificial intelligence technology is designed to enhance situational awareness, providing a clear and precise view of the surrounding environment in real-time. The technology will work in tandem with X-Yachts’ existing navigation systems, to offer a comprehensive and highly effective solution for collision avoidance, peace of mind and greater safety.

“Our partnership with X-Yachts represents a significant milestone for SEA.AI as we expand our reach into the marine industry. We’re proud to be collaborating with a renowned yacht builder like X-Yachts to bring our cutting-edge machine vision technology to their yachts.” said Marcus Warrelmann, CEO of SEA.AI. “Our advanced solutions for collision avoidance and night vision will offer sailors a truly revolutionary sailing experience that prioritizes safety and comfort.”

The first integration of SEA.AI’s machine vision technology was carried out seamlessly on the first X-Yacht with electric propulsion – the X49E last summer. After completing 2,700 nautical miles of navigation during the first season, while skillfully avoiding several potential collision incidents, X-Yachts shipyard was unequivocally convinced to forge a continued partnership with SEA.AI. This collaboration is driven by their shared commitment to uphold the utmost standards of quality and safety on their yachts.

Yacht with SEA.AI app integrated
Photo credit: ©X-Yachts

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