Baltic Yachts Sets Sail with SEA.AI’s Machine Vision Technology

Baltic Yachts, a Pioneering Shipyard, integrates SEA.AI Machine Vision Technology to its Range of Innovative Options

SEA.AI Partners with Baltic Yachts: Elevating Safety and Comfort at Sea

SEA.AI, a global leader in Machine Vision technology, was delighted to partner with Baltic Yachts during their 50-year anniversary. This collaboration aims to bring an AI powered lookout to their customers, enhancing safety and comfort at sea.

SEA.AI has gained recognition worldwide for its groundbreaking Machine Vision solutions. This technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to give alerts in real time of floating hazards and minimize the risk of collision.

Conventional detection systems such as radar and AIS cannot spot every floating hazard (small floating objects, rafts, buoys, people overboard…) and it is sometimes difficult to constantly have someone on watch. SEA.AI ensures the crew of a continuous watch enhancing floating object detection, resulting in more relaxation and peace of mind at sea.

machine vision technology on yacht
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Baltic Yachts, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to innovation, has been at the forefront of luxury yacht construction for over 50 years. The partnership with SEA.AI aligns perfectly with Baltic Yachts’ vision of pushing boundaries and creating unparalleled yachting experiences.

Elevating Innovation in Machine Vision Technology

SEA.AI’s Machine Vision technology empowers Baltic Yachts with real-time object detection and unprecedented situational awareness day and night. This innovation enables captains and crew members to make better-informed decisions and ensure the utmost safety of passengers and crew.

machine vision technology on baltic
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“We have seen a clear and growing global demand for our technology” said Marcus Warrelmann, CEO of SEA.AI. “Earning the trust of such a renowned and pioneering shipyard like Baltic Yachts represents a significant recognition and confirms SEA.AI’s technology benefits”.

“SEA.AI perfectly fits our pursuit of excellence and innovation” said Henry Hawkins, EVP of Baltic Yachts. “By integrating cutting-edge machine vision technology into our yachts, we are not only enhancing safety but also redefining the boundaries of luxury and comfort at sea.”

machine vision technology product on top of the mast
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About Baltic Yachts

In just five decades Baltic Yachts has evolved from respected series production boat builder to the world’s best composite custom yacht manufacturer of sailing superyachts, the go-to yard for innovation, performance and a hand-crafted finish second to none. Baltic Yachts is renowned for its comprehensive knowledge of advanced composite building materials and its skilled workers’ ability to innovate with the latest materials and technology.

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machine vision technology on yacht

Baltic Yachts Sets Sail with SEA.AI’s Machine Vision Technology

Baltic Yachts, a Pioneering Shipyard, integrates SEA.AI Machine Vision Technology to its Range of Innovative Options

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