SENTRY Software Update V3.0 Released

Exciting new features have been developed in the latest update for the Sentry product: multiple user’s access, new App technology & design, easily switchable panning, etc.

Multiple Device Access for More Convenience 

With the new update, you can now access your Sentry unit simultaneously from two different on-board devices. More flexibility to ensure a constant watch from anywhere on your vessel. 


New App Design and Technology to Improve Users’ Experience 

Experience optimum control of your system with an enhanced dual view frame, enabling effortless switching between the four camera video streams: Thermal wide, Thermal narrow, RGB wide, RGB narrow and the animated detection map.

Enhanced Map View for Risk Awareness

With the introduction of a new set of threat levels – blue, yellow, and red – you’ll have a straightforward visual representation of the potential risks around you, ensuring you always stay one step ahead.

New Detection List Panel for Easy Target Management

Access the latest detected targets, conveniently sorted by distance, and review or investigate them effortlessly. By clicking on a specific target, you’ll get detailed information, including images, classification, bearing and distance.

The latest update also introduces:

  • A new browser App responsive to different screen sizes,
  • A sharper lowlight mode for night-time navigation,
  • An option to display distances in meters or feet for international users’ convenience.

Enhanced Digital Image Stabilization

The latest update offers an upgraded digital image stabilization for smoother visual experience even in rough sea state conditions.


Refined Panning Speeds for Automatic Modes

Enjoy refined panning speeds for the automatic modes – Perimeter Surveillance and Collision Avoidance. With panning speeds set at 10.8° per second for the fast mode and 5.4° per second for the slow mode, you’ll effortlessly identify targets and navigate with ease.


Expanded Panning Widths in Collision Avoidance Mode

Based on valuable customer feedback, we have expanded the panning width options in Collision Avoidance mode. Choose from 3 panning width angles, “Narrow” (+/-10°), “Medium” (+/-35°) and “Wide” (+/-90°), to adapt the Sentry detection area to your vessel’s speed or your preferences and needs.

Shipmodul Miniplex NMEA 2000 Gateway Support

Sentry now supports the Shipmodule Miniplex NMEA gateway. This integration enables the retrieval of navigation information from your boat sensors and on-board NMEA2000 network, including speed, GPS position, heading, and more. A real step forward for future developments.

Upgrade Today and Experience These New Features

To download the update and upgrade your system, simply follow the link below. If you encounter any difficulties during the process, our dedicated service team is always here to assist you. Please contact  for support.

Note – The access to the Sentry Web App has changed in this latest update from oscar.local/ to sentry.local/ and the URL link is now the IP address of your device e.g. 

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