SENTRY Software Update V3.2: Enhanced Thermal Detection and New Tracking Feature

Maritime security is a major concern and technology continues to play an essential role in safeguarding people at sea. SEA.AI is unveiling a new software update for its Sentry product. This update promises to elevate user experience with a range of innovative features aimed at improving detection and usability. 

Enhanced Thermal Artificial Intelligence for a Significant Detection Upgrading 

One of the standout features of SEA.AI Sentry’s latest software update is the introduction of a new Thermal Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). This cutting-edge technology significantly enhances detection capabilities resulting in better object detection and recognition, even in challenging conditions. SEA.AI’s new thermal artificial neural network has been designed and retrained to mitigate the false positives and negatives, making the Sentry system even more reliable. This enhancement ensures that potential threats are identified with higher precision. 

Improved Algorithms for Efficient Object Tracking 

SEA.AI Sentry now boasts an advanced tracking system that fine-tunes the tracking process. This refinement leads to a more efficient filtering for improved object tracking. The Sentry system can accurately follow and monitor objects of interest, ensuring that no potential threat goes unnoticed.

New Tracking Feature for Precise Surveillance 

Sentry’s latest software update offers a novel tracking feature that allows users to focus on and follow specific detections, keeping it at the center of the Field of View (FoV). This feature is invaluable in scenarios where a particular object requires continuous monitoring such as a suspicious vessel or a man overboard activity. SEA.AI Sentry’s new tracking feature provides precise surveillance capabilities that can be adapted to a variety of maritime security needs.

New Light Theme for Enhanced Visuality 

SEA.AI Sentry has introduced a new Light Theme designed to optimize visibility and usability in bright conditions, such as direct sunlight on the fly bridge, ensuring that operators can effectively monitor the system even in challenging lighting environments. This addition underscores SEA.AI’s commitment to user-friendly design and functionality. 

This software update not only enhances the system’s detection capabilities, but also offers a more user-friendly experience. As maritime security remains a persistent concern in today’s world, SEA.AI continues to lead the way with innovative solutions that supports crew members and maritime professionals to safeguard their vessels effectively.

Note – The access to the Sentry Web App has changed. More details in How To Update document.

Photo credit for header image: ©polaRYSE / SEA.AI