SEA.AI Machine Vision and Adrena Join Forces

SEA.AI and Adrena join forces to elevate sailors' experience with integrated machine vision system in navigational software.

SEA.AI and Adrena Join Forces to Elevate Sailors’ Experience with Integrated Machine Vision System in Navigational Software.

We are thrilled to announce a strategic integration with Adrena, a renowned provider of navigational software for sailors. This integration aims to change the sailing experience by combining the power of SEA.AI’s machine vision system with Adrena’s advanced navigational software, offering sailors unprecedented level of real-time information and insights for more convenience and safety on the water.

Sam Davies skipper of Initiatives Coeur
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Key Features of the Integration

Advanced Floating Hazard Detection  

SEA.AI’s system utilizes state-of-the-art object recognition algorithms to detect and identify potential floating obstacles in real-time. By seamlessly integrating this functionality into Adrena’s navigational software, sailors can receive instant alerts and warnings regarding nearby vessels, debris, or other potential hazards, enhancing their situational awareness and overall safety.

Automated Navigation Assistance  

By integrating SEA.AI’s machine vision system, Adrena gains the ability to automatically show floating objects in front of the boat on maritime charts. This provides sailors with optimized routes and valuable information for safer navigation on an unique interface. This integration streamlines the planning process and enables sailors to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.


The Power of Data Merging: Unlocking a Comprehensive Understanding of the Maritime Environment

By merging radar, AIS (Automatic Identification System) and machine vision capabilities with Augmented Reality (AR) overlays, sailors gain a holistic and detailed understanding of their surrounding maritime environment. While radar and AIS provide valuable information, SEA.AI’s machine vision system adds a new dimension by recognizing and identifying objects that may be missed by the first two. It can detect subtle visual cues, day and night, such as small vessels or floating debris, enabling sailors to make informed decisions and navigate with confidence.

The integration of SEA.AI’s machine vision into Adrena’s navigational software reaffirms both companies’ commitment to delivering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of maritime safety. With this collaboration, sailors can enjoy a seamless and intuitive user experience, enabling them to focus on the joy of sailing while benefiting from cutting-edge technological advancements.

“SEA.AI’s machine vision integration with Adrena’s comprehensive navigational software adds a game-changing dimension to sailors’ maritime adventures. By combining key information such as electronics charts, weather forecasting, routing, radar, AIS, MOB, and other essential features with our advanced machine vision, we bring sailors an unrivaled level of added value.” said Marcus Warrelmann, CEO of SEA.AI. “Imagine effortlessly avoiding high winds and waves, visualizing your sailing and motoring periods, anticipating weather conditions in the mooring area, and enhancing safety with our machine vision all at once. With SEA.AI and Adrena, we’ve elevated the sailing experience to new horizons, empowering sailors with unparalleled convenience, comfort, and peace of mind on their voyages.”

“We are thrilled about the integration of SEA.AI’s machine vision system into our navigational software,” said Cecile Rodet, CEO, co-founder of Adrena. “This partnership represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing sailors with the most advanced and user-friendly tools. The integration of machine vision capabilities into Adrena will empower sailors to navigate with confidence and convenience, setting new standards for maritime safety.”

Unleashing Users Experience

“We are delighted with the collaboration between SEA.AI and Adrena. Overlaying useful navigation information such as AIS, radar and machine vision from SEA.AI onto an unique interface like Adrena makes our sailing safer, leaving us even more time to focus on performance.” Joseph Brault, technical director of Initiatives Coeur racing team

The integration of SEA.AI’s machine vision system into Adrena’s latest navigational software – Version 20, is now available to sailors worldwide. For more information about Adrena, please visit their websites at

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