The Distribution Network Keeps Growing: Agreement with Powertec Wireless Technology Announced at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

Expanding the international availability of our products for the recreational and professional segments of the marine industry, we have won wireless technology specialist Powertec Wireless Technology, as a distribution partner for our advanced collision avoidance systems. Effective immediately, Powertec will cover Australia and New Zealand in our growing distribution network, with its subsidiary Outback Marine Australia managing retail sales for the region.

SEA.AI provides the first AI-based collision avoidance assistant for marine applications. Systems are available for pleasure, commercial and government vessels of all sizes. Once installed, they combine optical and thermal cameras with advanced machine vision to cover the gap between radar and AIS: SEA.AI detects, identifies and monitors floating obstacles – large and small, day and night.

“It is a priority for us to make products and supporting services available to skippers in Australia and New Zealand” says Christoph Ballin, Managing Partner of SEA.AI. “We are excited to do this together with the extremely professional team from Powertec, who have already tested our products on the open sea.”

Powertec Founder and Managing Director,  Raymond W Smith, comments: “SEA.AI is a big leap ahead for collision avoidance on offshore sailing vessels, motor yachts and commercial vessels. We found the technology impressive, and we look forward to making it available in Australia and New Zealand.”

Designed for meaningful and relevant experiences to mariners

SEA.AI combines leading-edge camera technology with artificial intelligence to offer a new class of high-tech safety systems and enhanced situational awareness. Scanning the sea, sensitive to temperature differences as small as 0.05°C or 0.09°F respectively and based on machine learning experience from millions of recognized marine objects, SEA.AI covers the blind spot of radar devices and AIS: identifying non-signaled small craft, buoys and floating objects. In addition, SEA.AI can support search efforts in Person Overboard situations. Simple to use, SEA.AI communicates with smartphones, tablets, chart plotters and onboard computers.

About Powertec Wireless Technology

Powertec Wireless Technology is a leading provider of connectivity solutions to mobile carriers, companies, government departments, defence and emergency services. The driving force behind the success of Powertec is its knowledge of connectivity and ability to deliver connectivity solutions to customers across Australia and New Zealand.
Powertec wireless communication products and solutions make a difference by ensuring customers can communicate and be connected no matter where they may be.  With their acquisition of Outback Marine Australia, Powertec has developed a strong marine footprint that will be instrumental in introducing OSCAR to the specialist marine market.