SEA.AI Unveils the New Generation Sentry System 

The global leader in 360° maritime machine vision and security continues to lead with innovative upgrades to the first-generation Sentry monitoring platform.

"We are naturally proud of our engineers' relentless pursuit of extreme efficacity and optimization in machine vision for all stakeholders in shipping and maritime safety. Our engineers always deliver by makin the best even better."

How to make the most effective and renowned machine vision system more substantial? It begins with an intuitive ear tuned to the intense needs of mariners – from pilots of recreational, commercial or state vessels, to including those assigned to protect them at sea or at bay. 

"The more demanding the world's seas become, the more we demand of engineers. We listen to our sailors and respond with solutions that are stronger and more efficient"

Robustness and Connectivity: The newest generation Sentry incorporates more robust connectors, ensuring reliability and security in demanding maritime environments. 

Optimized Power Consumption and Cooling: Honed power consumption and cooling are related. Fine-tuned power consumption increases efficiency, improves cooling and ensures the system remains at optimal temperatures. 

Simplified Installation and Maintenance: With stronger connectors, improved accessibility to fasteners and streamlined cable routing, setup is intuitive and maintenance straightforward. 


The automatic detection of floating hazards is at our core and Sentry’s hallmark 360° perimeter surveillance and collision avoidance remains key. Target tracking and thermal night vision continue to lighten the load and increase the safety of crews and watchmen. 

"Sentry detects people and boats by itself. At night you can see like in daylight. Sentry immediately detects hazards in the water. Normally, we cannot see clearly from the deck, but with thermal vision we can see a person in the water directly. It makes our job easier, and it allows us to save people we might not be able to save without this tool"

Trained on the horizon and compatible with current navigational and monitoring systems, the new Generation Sentry is available for delivery starting July 1st.

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