SEA.AI Partners Up with Silent Yacht

Silent Yachts is the latest of a growing list of premier brand shipyards to offer their new-build clients the enhanced peace of mind that SEA.AI products provide.

Silent Yachts chooses SEA.AI systems as an option across its range of sustainable luxury motor yachts.

Sustainable luxury motor yacht manufacturer Silent Yachts has become the latest premium quality shipyard to offer SEA.AI automated marine surveillance systems to their new-build clients. Purchasers of any of the company’s wide selection of electric luxury motor vessels can now select SEA.AI’s Sentry system from Silent Yachts’ option list. 

SEA.AI and Silent Yachts both originated from Austria and the two organisations share complimentary company values and visions. 

Silent Yachts was founded by Austrian solar-pioneers Heike and Michael Köhler with the goal of establishing a new era of sustainable yachting through the creation of innovative self-sufficient motor yachts.

The company’s range of all-electric powered vessels – which range in size from 18 metres (62 feet) to 37 metres (120 feet) – enable their clients to enjoy an independent and uncompromised luxury yachting experience, while minimising their impact on the marine environment. 

Photo credit: ©Silent Yachts

SEA.AI (formerly known as OSCAR) was founded in 2018 by Franco-German entrepreneur Raphaël Biancale, with the goal of transforming global marine safety by automating specific elements of a vessel’s lookout procedures through the use of innovative advanced camera technology backed by powerful artificial intelligence.

Today, SEA.AI’s range of onboard systems – ‘Offshore’ for blue water cruisers, ‘Competition’ for high performance ocean racing yachts, and the latest ‘Sentry’ for recreational motor yachts – automatically detect and alert users of all floating objects, including those that radar, AIS, and sonar cannot – both during the day and at night.

SEA.AI’s Sentry system utilises a sophisticated multi-camera array vision unit connected to a powerful integrated processing unit to deliver 360° object detection and identification – even in the hours of darkness.

The Sentry system maintains constant 360° perimeter surveillance around the vessel on which it is installed and automatically warns of anything that approaches – whether that be guests arriving, or any other unknown and less welcome craft.

While the vessel is under way the Sentry system’s intelligent alarm protocols help to avoid collisions with floating objects by warning of anything detected in its path, such as other craft, buoys, debris, and other flotsam and jetsam – any of which could cause serious damage.


Photo credit: ©Polaryse_SEA.AI

Additionally, the system can be manually controlled to search for objects in the water – such as a person in the water or a vessel in distress – and can also be set to keep track of such objects automatically. Large ships can be detected as far away as the horizon, motorboats and sailboats at a range of up to 7,500 metres (m), a small dinghy or rib at up to 3,000 m, and smaller items like a buoy or a person in the water at up to 700 m. 


Photo credit: ©Silent Yachts

Patrick Haebig, Business Developer EMEA NORTH & PAC at SEA.AI says:

 “We are delighted to now be able to offer Silent Yachts’ clients the same peace of mind that is enjoyed by users of our automated marine surveillance systems,” 

Michael Köhler, Founder and CEO of Silent Yachts said:

“It was obvious at an early point in the relationship that the ethos of both companies was closely aligned towards creating a safe, worry-free, luxury experience on the water.”  

Silent Yachts is the latest of a growing list of premier brand shipyards to offer their new-build clients the enhanced peace of mind that SEA.AI products provide. 

For more information about SIlent Yachts, please visit their websites at

Photo credit: ©Thor Jorgen - Silent Yachts - SEA.AI
Photo credit: ©Thor Jorgen - Silent Yachts - SEA.AI

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