Sailing Update 7.2​

The latest new software update 7.2 for COMPETITION and OFFSHORE systems is now available. This update brings new features and enhanced AI that will improve your experience with our system. Read on to learn more about what's coming in this release.

Enhanced Thermal Artificial Intelligence for a Significant Detection Upgrading

One of the prominent features of our sailing update is the introduction of a new Thermal Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). This thermal artificial neural network has been designed and retrained to mitigate the false positives and negatives, making floating hazard detection even more reliable. This enhancement ensures that potential threats are identified with higher precision.

This cutting-edge technology significantly enhances detection capabilities resulting in better object detection and recognition, even in challenging conditions.

new update on the app
Photo credit: ©SEA.AI
new update on the app
Photo credit: ©SEA.AI

Buttons Redesigned for Manual Mast Rotation Compensation 

For our competition users, we have redesigned the buttons for manual mast rotation compensation to provide users with a smoother and more efficient interaction with our platform. 

Our top-of-the-screen buttons are designed to reduce the number of clicks needed to access essential functions and provide you with a clearer view of your content without distractions, so you can focus on what matters most. app with control on top
Photo credit: ©SEA.AI

SEA.AI on Raymarine MFDs

After updating to Lighthouse 4.5 and our latest 7.2 release, Raymarine multifunction displays will deliver real-time alerts, enhancing performance to prevent collisions. This 7.2 release also has backwards compatibility to Lighthouse 3.x, providing a smooth transition.

Please note: Lighthouse 4.5 is not compatible with the previous SEA.AI software updates. Make sure you upgrade your SEA.AI system to V7.2 AFTER you install Lighthouse 4.5 on your Raymarine multifunctional display. Please use the new SEA.AI icon with Lighthouse 4.5; the previous Oscar icon is there to ensure compatibility with the previous Lighthouse versions. If you use the old Oscar icon with Lighthouse 4.5, you may encounter either an «HW not detected» message or a status 404 error.  

Photo credit: ©SEA.AI

After updating to Lighthouse 4.5 and SEA.AI 7.2, please note that a duplicated app icon will appear on your display – the old Oscar icon and the new SEA.AI icon. 

Photo credit: ©SEA.AI


Connect to your boat or MFD WIFI network to access the SEA.AI System. Start the SEA.AI Navigation App on your mobile device. The “Update available” popup will automatically appear on your screen if a new update is available. Click “Yes” to update the system to the latest software version.


Attention: The sailing update process can involve multiple system restarts – connection to the mobile device will be lost – Updating and restarting will take several minutes – do not shut off the system.


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