SENTRY Software Update V3.4 Released

The latest new software update 3.4 is now available for the SEA.AI Sentry systems. This update bring new features that will improve your experience and offer TimeZero Compatibility.

A New Thermal Deep Learning Model: 

In an effort to significantly improve detection accuracy, we have replaced the standard thermal imaging Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) with a brand new one. This new CNN has been specifically trained with 90000 images that lead to a substantial increase of precision, more accurate bounding boxes and improvement of the consistency of the object size. 

TimeZero Compatibility: 

– Users can access the SEA.AI App directly within the TimeZero Pro’s HTML5 window.

– SEA.AI detected targets will be overlaid and displayed on the TimeZero Pro chart, providing a clear picture of your surroundings. 

– SEA.AI offers control of the Sentry system through both Pelco D protocol and a web application, giving users flexibility in managing their environment. 

Reliable Data Transmission: TCP Socket 


SEA.AI Targets will be transmitted via TCP socket as TTM message so that SEA.AI Targets can be displayed and used in 3rd party navigation programs like TimeZero Pro etc.

New Video Coding Format: VP9 Encoding

By switching our WebRTC streaming to VP9, this will allow Android devices and TimeZero to seamlessly connect to the stream. VP9 offers better efficiency and can handle these platforms more effectively. 

Other Features: 

– Pelco D support for pan and tilt  

– App Layout stored in user cache so that SEA.AI App preserves previous session state of alarm and views after reloading. 

– New position of tracking and mute button in UI layout  

– New setting to disable digital zoom for direct switch between narrow FoV camera and wide FoV camera. 

– Bugfixes 

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