Life-saving support

Search & Rescue

SEA.AI is the first system to detect persons in water. Whether night or otherwise challenging conditions. SEA.AI’s built-in thermal cameras precisely detect objects by temperature differences as small as 0.05°C.

Meticulously designed to bridge awareness gaps left by unsignalling objects effectively bypassing AIS and radar signals, SEA.AI supports efficient rescue and surveillance missions. SEA.AI equips crews with a comprehensive view from a secure vantage point, day and night, allowing for ideal operational speed with unwavering confidence.

Detect persons overboard

System alarms

360° perimeter monitoring

Range of detected objects

Our technology

SEA.AI computes input from lowlight and thermal on-board cameras to provide a digital understanding of the vessel’s surroundings on the water. The system’s artificial intelligence uses latest Machine Vision technology, best-in-class deep learning capabilities and an ever- growing proprietary database of millions of annotated marine objects.


Enhance operational safety and efficiency with AI-powered detection of objects and persons overboard

Our product recommendation

Person Overboard Rescue with SEA.AI Sentry