Detect potential threats

Coastal Surveillance
and Border Protection

From piracy to illegal immigration and drug trafficking, mastering the maritime domain is essential for security, safety, the economy, and the marine environment. SEA.AI’s state-of-the-art solutions empower coastal surveillance organizations to protect coastlines under increasingly challenging conditions.

Our advanced maritime domain awareness solution combines the latest optical and thermal camera sensors with proprietary AIdriven Machine Vision. SEA.AI detects objects with unmatched accuracy that neither radar nor AIS can recognize, providing enhanced vigilant coastal monitoring day and night.

Smart AI Object detection

API ready

Day and night

Our technology

SEA.AI computes input from lowlight and thermal on-board cameras to provide a digital understanding of the vessel’s surroundings on the water. The system’s artificial intelligence uses latest Machine Vision technology, best-in-class deep learning capabilities and an ever- growing proprietary database of millions of annotated marine objects.


Protect your coastline and borders

Our product recommendation

SEA.AI Sentry

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SEA.AI Sentry detects approaching dinghies, RIBs or inflatables in the vessel’s vicinity – by day and night, at up to 1.6 nautical miles, motorboats and sailboats at up 4 nautical miles. Intelligent alarming alerts crews early and reliably.