Detect, act, protect

Observation and Surveillance

Safeguarding sensitive waters and coastlines, overseeing restricted sea and lake zones or protecting offshore platforms and installations. SEA.AI systems are designed to vigilantly monitor high-risk areas 24/7, using our proprietary AI technology that commands unparalleled object detection day and night.

Heightened protection through situational awareness with machine vision technology. SEA.AI systems detect objects with unmatched accuracy and immediately alert responsible personnel, enabling swift and decisive action.

System alarms

360° perimeter monitoring

Range of detected objects

Our technology

SEA.AI computes input from lowlight and thermal on-board cameras to provide a digital understanding of the vessel’s surroundings on the water. The system’s artificial intelligence uses latest Machine Vision technology, best-in-class deep learning capabilities and an ever- growing proprietary database of millions of annotated marine objects.


Employ SEA.AI as additional safeguard in remote monitoring settings

Our product recommendation

SEA.AI Sentry

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SEA.AI Sentry detects approaching dinghies, RIBs or inflatables in the vessel’s vicinity – by day and night, at up to 1.6 nautical miles, motorboats and sailboats at up 4 nautical miles. Intelligent alarming alerts crews early and reliably.